Becoming WHoly Human

Becoming WHoly Human2017-09-24T22:17:02+00:00

A Journey into Radiant Embodiment of our Divine Humanity.

At this critical time in human history, we are being given the opportunity to make an evolutionary leap into our full potential. Real transformation is a hero’s journey, a death and rebirth, and an initiation into true human adulthood. It involves a radical purification. This is the prelude to the Phoenix of divine consciousness and radiant embodiment, rising from the ashes of the “false self”. As we fearlessly face the false self that drives our collective and personal suffering, and transmute that illusory identity, we can truly become WHoly Human Beings.

Join us on this courageous journey of the heart. Become a truly Human Being devoted to Love and Truth and in service to the healing of the world. This is a journey into the awakened heart of compassion; embracing yourself and all living Beings.

What you will receive is:

  • A deeper sense of empathy and compassion for yourself and others.
  • A heart broken open by love.
  • A deeper understanding and experience of your true purpose in the world at this time.
  • Courage to stand and be a leader in this Great Turning.
  • An experience of your true humanity and your Noble Divinity.

Dates to be announced.