Taking Care of Your Vata in the Fall

The Fall is Vata time... time to balance and soothe the Vata energy in our bodies and nervous systems. Vata governs movement in the body, the activities of the nervous system, and the process of elimination. Qualities of Vata are Cold, Light, Dry, Irregular, Movement, Quick, Changeable PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS Those with a predominance of Vata [...]

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Retiring the Inner Pusher; Firing the Inner Critic

Yesterday I had a rough day, my body was extremely tired and I had a whole lot of things to do. I kept trying to push on through but by the end of the day I was exhausted. I lay down to take a nap and fell blissfully asleep for half an hour of “off” [...]

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Mid-Life as a Rite of Passage

Rites of Passage are an essential part of an integral community or society. In ethnic and older cultures, Initiation ceremonies are an important way of marking the transition from one phase of life to another. By being witnessed and held by the community we feel a sense of belonging and are able to respond to [...]

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Anxiety in Mid-Life

Many women experience heightened sense of anxiety during mid-life. It can sometimes even occur as panic attacks. I want to explain why that is. Having been used to hormones regulating our nervous system and keeping us somewhat in balance, and able to function as a high power woman – YES, ALL women are high power, [...]

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Finding Meaning in Mid-Life

Is it just me I often wonder??? I have been wading through some pretty deep dark stuff in my psyche, trying to make sense of “who I have become on this long journey through time and space” as one of my teachers used to say. With so much loss, grief, letting go, I hardly recognize [...]

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Grief and Self Compassion

I am writing from the UK where I am visiting family and friends, in the glorious springtime where the flowers are bursting forth and the lush green landscape is a feast for my eyes. I am letting go, on a deeper level, of my father who died a year ago. This last year for me [...]

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The Gifts of Winter

Recently it was my birthday and I am writing this in the early hours before dawn reflecting on the year I am leaving behind and the year to come, as I celebrate another turn around the sun in this mysterious magnificent journey called Life. I am particularly reflecting on the gifts of this time of year, [...]

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Dancing With Uncertanity

As we enter into 2017, we are experiencing more and more uncertainty in our world. Our attention is drawn ever more to the concerns of what will happen in our divisive political situation, fragile social system and our delicate climate situation. The mind tends to become more frightened and freaked and the nervous system becomes [...]

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Celebrating My Father

I dedicate this newsletter to the memory of my Beloved Dad, Anthony (aka Ricky) Cunnington, who left this earthly plane recently in London, England. I am deeply grieving the loss of my father, my friend, my fellow traveller on the path of love and Truth, my teacher and my guide in this life. I was fortunate [...]

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