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Midlife Metamorphosis

Let Your Magnificence Emerge in Midlife


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Never has there been a time when there is more need for wise elders on the Planet than now.

We are being asked to wake up and offer our Divine Presence to the world. To take the challenges of midlife and, like alchemists, turn them into the inherent wisdom and compassion of our wise eldership and contribute our unique feminine presence to the world.

During this pivotal time in human history so much in our world is shifting and changing, and in midlife especially, so many of us experience stress, exhaustion and a deep sense of overwhelm. Our minds grapple with a sense of meaninglessness, and there can be a deep feeling of discontent and un-ease, coupled with uncertainty and anxiety over what the future holds for us.

Midlife is a time where we are invited to reflect deeply on what is truly valuable and important to us as we let go of much that we have identified with. And yet, in this culture that is driven by an extroverted addiction to youth and beauty, there is no map for the terrain we are treading.

I am here to support and empower you through this rocky terrain of the mid life passage which can be the deepest transformation you have ever been through, and is birthing your True Self. Having a guide and a support on this journey can be so valuable, in helping you leave behind the conditions, judgements, beliefs and issues that you have identified with and discover within a wild and wise woman, free to live your most authentic self and share your essential qualities of wisdom and compassion with the world.